The Angel Gown Initiative (TAGI)

Eric Elronde, CEO and founder of, The Angel Gown Initiative, is charitably repurposing old wedding dresses and formal gowns into beautiful Angel Gowns for infants who do not survive their journey into this world.

At a time of utmost grief and sorrow, an Angel Gown is a small but deeply meaningful way to alleviate some of a family’s difficulties and great sadness.  The Angel Gown Initiative assists bereaved families with an important practical issue: how to provide a passed infant with the greatest dignity and grace.

All Angel Gowns are hand-made and are a free donation. Donations are made to hospitals where grieving families are being assisted.

Eric Elronde and The Angel Gown Initiative team are enormously dependent on the donations of old wedding gowns or formal dresses for the creation of Angel Gowns. The final gowns themselves are so small (some panels no larger than an A4 page) that even your off-cuts can be given great and lasting purpose.

The Angel Gown Initiative is a registered Non Profit Organisation

NPO number: 203-283 NPO

PBO number: 930061837

Contact number:  +27 82 457 6220

Email address:

For more information, please visit:

The Angel Gown Initiative is proudly supported and endorsed by NCOT and nicci.doula Bereavement Doula. NCOT and nicci.doula is TAGI approved and DOSA accredited.