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Ode to an Angel

I look at your perfect little ears and I hear the songs of angels in the sky

I look at your mouth and hear unspoken words about babies that die

I look at your closed eyes and think about a world that is blind

I look at your little nose and I smell sweet baby smells in my mind

I turn, take a deep breath and gently touch your beautiful face

And know deep within my heart of hearts, by God’s amazing grace

That you are already hopping and skipping and singing up above

And every second of your beautiful existence is filled with God’s pure love

Fly away little angel, fly away and laugh and sing

Fly away from all the tears and heartache that earth and gravity bring

Fly away precious angel don’t you ever look back

Fly away sweet child, in nothing will you ever lack

I turn slowly, swallow my tears and walk out of the door

And know to the depth of my being, to my very core

That with little skill, astounding grace and lots of love

Lives are changed and touched by giving all I have

– by: Nicci Coertze-Kruger