Overcoming Grief and Loss in Infertility



Infertility grief is not simple, nor is it a linear process for everyone, but the grief and feeling of loss is very real.

Infertility and perinatal loss, referred to together as reproductive trauma, has a tremendous effect on both the couple as well as the individual undergoing the actual medical treatment, usually involving blood tests (and every other test you can think of!) injections and medication. Grieving infertility loss or losing hope of ever becoming a parent, is a pain that is excruciating and very often misunderstood.

This course deals with topics such as emotions and infertility, the impact of infertility, coping mechanisms, self-care, support systems, and much more. This course is based on a book called ‘Almost Pregnant’ by an infertile who had undergone SIX infertility treatments, suffered 3 miscarriages, had a successful adoption – and subsequently wrote a book about it!

Almost Pregnant – Overcoming Grief and Loss in Infertility: Making the difference in your journey.

Available in 2021. Please enquire: ncot2017@gmail.com