Online Course for Bereaved Parents

LEARNING TO LIVE AFTER LOSS: An E-course for parents who have suffered pregnancy and/or infant loss

The LEARNING TO LIVE AFTER LOSS Online Bereavement Training Course for Parents

This is online course for grieving parents to help them cope with pregnancy or infant loss. Before the course starts, an e-session and assessment are done to ascertain where the parent is in the grief process. The course is designed to facilitate integration and healing after pregnancy or infant loss with the intention of inspiring personal growth and spiritual connection – regardless of faith.

The significance of the loss is explored through learning and debriefing, breathing and muscle relaxation techniques, creative writing, personal projects and pregnancy/birth story healing. This online course is for anyone who has experienced any kind of pregnancy or infant loss and are motivated to make space to honour the life that was created and their lived experience of the loss.

This E-course runs for 4 weeks and it comprises of 4 modules (of a maximum of 2 hours each) done on a weekly basis in the comfort of your home. It also includes one facilitated personal project per module.

Because of the trainer’s emotional investment in this course, a limited number of parents can be accommodated per cycle. If at all possible, it is strongly advised that couples do this course together.

To read more about my experiences as Bereavement Doula, read my blog HERE.

Available in 2021.

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